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January 28, 2018



Because I slept in much of the day today, my only meal was an early dinner at the nearby Gala Mall.  Like virtually every other mall I've walked through the last six weeks, this place had a dozen or so food options.

I ordered house dumplings, shrimp dumplings and a beef soup with glass noodles.  Yang's is a chain all over Shanghai and probably beyond, but they serve maybe my favorite dumplings.  What makes these unique is they fry the lower half of each, then cover them to steam the top half of the batch....pretty brilliant, in my opinion!  And like xiao long bao, these have a warm soup in each, though not as much liquid as their all-steamed counterparts.


The house dumplings were made of minced pork and were delicious.  The shrimp dumplings, on the other hand, were filled with whole shrimp.  They were juicy and really tasted fresh.

The beef soup was very good with glass noodles and red beans, the cilantro notwithstanding.

Yang's Dumpling

House & shrimp dumplings:

Whole Sauteed Prawns

Beef soup w/glass noodles:

Whole Sauteed Prawns

This place sounds like a video arcade or something.  Regardless, they do soups and pulled pork sandwiches.  I tried the regular and the spicy sandwiches and they were good.  The buns were toasted and sort of like thin, pretzel dough.  Anyhow, these things would elevate any food court in the US.  I can't wish, can't I?

Fun Plus

Pulled & spicy pork sandwiches:

Whole Sauteed Prawns
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