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About This Wannabe Foodie

Hello, and welcome to my food-blog website!  While I hope you'll find the content interesting, I should say right off the bat that most anything posted on here is designed to be fun, though it does come from the heart...and stomach...of an amateur, "amateur" in the truest sense of the word, meaning "done out of love."  Heck, who doesn't love food and travel, except maybe an obese flight attendant?

As of December 20, 2017, the site is all but empty, though this should change rapidly starting Christmas Eve.  Writing a food blog was first suggested to me almost exactly two years ago by one of my nephews.  I was having a pre-Christmas dinner with him and his girlfriend, now fiancee, at the Clocktower at Madison Park when he suggested, "Uncle, you should write a food blog."  I had just told them about this Far East foodie trip I was planning, and my initial response was, "how do I write something like that without it seeming ego driven?"  Then I quickly realized, "oh, wait!  I have a huge ego!"  But seriously, though much of the content might seem silly, the descriptions I write of the forthcoming dishes, restaurants and impressions will be recorded honestly.  I figure the information might just prove useful for anyone looking to take a trip in the near future to these cities and their food joints.  Anything non-food related that really hits me will be mentioned in the Travel section.

Feel free to ask any questions by using the link below; I think I remember the password to access that e-mail address.

Thanks for visiting, and I sure hope "food doof" becomes your favorite palindrome!  Ya know, this all seems much, much easier than getting really good on the guitar.  Cheers!

The Food Doof


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